Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Nightly Visitor/Pest!

This little critter has been visiting our house nightly for the last two weeks or so.  We wouldn't mind that very much, except for the fact that our cat goes nuts, running from window to window, pawing at the blinds, knocking things off windowsills and just generally making a racket!  All at 3:49 AM...

Last night, he showed up just after 9 PM.  He's not as mean as he looks in the photo; he was trying to catch a moth that was caught in the beam of the flashlight.  He seems quite friendly, so we suspect someone is feeding him.

He likes to walk along the ledge outside our kitchen windows and last night, we discovered why the hummingbird feeder has been going empty so quick!  He grabs the plastic perch rings with his teeth, pulls the feeder close, wraps his arms around it in a big, ol' bear hug, and then laps up the sweet nectar!  Of course, he spills a bunch, too.  I'm going to try putting less food in the feeder so he can't waste so much.  I guess I'll just have to refill it everyday until he gets tired of visiting our house.

He usually wanders along the ledge and spends some time on the deck, too.  All this just makes the cat crazy, of course.  Here he is looking in the patio door.


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