Saturday, September 26, 2009

Elkmont Lions Club Rails to Trails 10K

Ahhh!  It feels good to be racing again, even if I did have to walk the whole race!  I am being a good girl and following my doctor's orders — no running for another 10 days.

But I managed to finish the course in 11 minutes less than I had expected, so I am happy.  AND, I got to see some of my running pals — what could be better!

And I survived the deluge on the way home.  They say a cold front is coming through and we might even have several days in a row without rain.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Kate and her Blanket

Check here to see the sweetest baby-face and her "blasted blanket!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

That Blasted Blanket!

My best friend at work had a baby girl in July, and I wanted to make something special, so, giving in to my occassional "I want to knit or crochet something!" urge, I purchased a kit called Little Bunny Fou Fou.  It was the cutest thing!  But, before I finished, it became "that blasted blanket!"

I started working on it way back in March, and I worked on it diligently every spare moment I had.  I knew I had my medical leave coming up, so I was confident I could finish it in time.  Wrong!

Unfortunately, I ran out of every color of the baby yarns in the blanket, all at different times, of course, and had to wait for replacements to come through the mail since no one in town carries that brand.  All of the yarns were doubled throughout which caused the crochet hook to constantly catch on the yarns funny or only pick up one.  It was a trip carrying the background color across the back of the bunnies, too!

When I finally had the panels finished and started on the embroidery of the little flowers, I discovered the two yards of each color yarn provided for the flowers would allow me to embroider about 1 1/4 panels, not five!  So I had to get my son to take me to Michael's, not being allowed to drive during my medical leave, and I purchased full-sized skeins of yarn for approximately 10 yards required of each!  Then there was the fun of creating six pompoms from angora yarn...

However, it truly was cute as a button when it was finished, although not in time for the birth, and my friend loved it.  It definitely cured my desire to knit or crochet something...for awhile, at least!  I'm glad to be back to my regular therapy — counted cross stitch.