Sunday, August 15, 2010

Natural Well, Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL

Yesterday, I decided to hike to the Natural Well for a change of scenery.  It is a big black hole in the ground that is technically a "pit cave."  A pit cave is a type of natural cave passage which is vertical rather than horizontal.  According to park officials, Natural Well has an initial drop that goes more than 180' straight down and then goes 325' under the mountain.

I always enjoy the 1.75 mile walk to the Natural Well, even in this ungodly heat.  I have several friends who won't go on the mountain trails in the summer because of snakes.  Snakes shmakes!  In the nine years I've been running, walking and hiking the trails of Monte Sano, I have only seen two, maybe three, snakes.  What bugs me the most are spider webs!  I have visions of being wrapped up by the forest spiders from The Hobbit and being hung up to "cure!"

But, truly, my worst pet peeve is the teeny, weeny little black bugs whose sole purpose in life is to land on an eyeball!  Like tiny little Jedi warriors attempting to bomb the Death Star...

"Blue Leader, this is Zeeezzzz.  I'm in position; I'm starting my run."

"Roger, that.  Hold steady...hold steady.  Oh, no!  The eyelashes are coming down!  Pull up!  Pull up!"

"Too late!  Aauugghh!" {spins wildly off into space}

"This is Blue Leader.  Blue Team prepare for bombing run."  Suddenly, a giant hand comes up and brushes the entire Blue Team away.

"This is Red Leader.  It's up to you to now, kid.  Make us proud.  Remember, there is no greater glory than to die by tears!  You will get your reward when you reach the Great Poop Pile in the Sky!"

"Aye, aye.  This is Bzzt.  I'm in position.  I'm going in now.  I'm locked in...I'm in!  Aauugghh!  Tell my mother not to cryyyyyy...blub, gurgle, glub."

Since I just had cataract surgery on my right eye on Tuesday, I wore my sunglasses to protect my eyeball from the teeny weeny Jedi bugs!


Colleen said...

What are the chances Dash would try and jump in that hole? I haven't ever heard of it, we'll have to go check it out. 1.75 miles isn't too bad. :)

Debbi said...

They put a fence around the hole back in the 60s, so he would have to climb it first! Not that he might not try...

Part of the trail is fairly rocky and can get quite muddy, but it is relatively flat, so it's not like some of the trails where you practically need to be a mountain climber! It's a really nice hike when the leaves turn!

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