Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Knitting up a Storm!

Now, I realize many of you may not find this as hilarious as I do, but I couldn't resist!

This is a page from a very old craft catalog, circa 1973.  The LeeWards company doesn't even exist any more, having been bought out by Michael's many moons ago.

Notice the *lovely* brown and yellow afghan.  Yes, we found things like that lovely in those days — don't ask me why!  We never claimed to have good taste, I guess.

But what cracks me up is that the afghan is crocheted (notice the red box around the size crochet hook required), but the lady is gleefully, mindlessly poking two knitting needles into the afghan as if she were mixing vegetables in a stir-fry wok with chopsticks!  She's not even holding them properly for knitting.  Hee, hee hee!  What a hoot!  I wonder how many kits they sold with that ad?


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