Thursday, October 7, 2010

Highlander Series by Karen Marie Moning

I just finished reading the first seven books in this series.  (I've been told the eighth book is not really a necessary part of the series.)  While I wouldn't classify these books with the usual historical fiction I'm partial to, they were still fun to read.  Some of the anomalies in the earlier books really grated on my nerves, but they got more historically accurate as they went along.  I guess Ms Moning actually started to do some research!  Once I approached them as what they are billed — paranormal romances — and not as historical fiction, I relaxed and enjoyed them more.

Some of the stories involve time travel, some involve Druids, some involve faeries, some involve all three!  All of them take place at least partially in Scotland, if not entirely.  The men are all unfailingly beautiful, ripped and dominant.  The women are all beautiful, mostly blonde, and smart.  Naturally, the men fall for the women and vice versa, but the stories do have enough plot to keep it entertaining.  The books also got sexier as they went along — probably too titillating for a woman of a certain age *blush*!  If you are a fan of historical romance, paranormal romance or time travel romance, you should love these books.


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