Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The King's Grace by Anne Easter Smith

Book Description:

All that history knows of Grace Plantagenet is that she was an illegitimate daughter of Edward IV and one of two attendants aboard the funeral barge of his widowed queen.  Thus, she was half sister of the famous young princes, who—when this story begins in 1485—had been housed in the Tower by their uncle, Richard III, and are presumed dead.

But in the 1490s, a young man appears at the courts of Europe claiming to be Richard, duke of York, the younger of the boys, and seeking to claim his rightful throne from England's first Tudor king, Henry VII.  But is this man who he says he is?  Grace Plantagenet finds herself in the midst of one of English history's greatest mysteries.  If she can discover the fate of the princes and the true identity of the mysterious man, perhaps she will find her own place in her family.

My Review:

I enjoyed this book very much.  I have my doubts whether the mystery of the two princes in the Tower will ever be solved, but this book presents such a convincing story of what might have really happened that it almost seems as if the author was there.

The characters were all very well fleshed-out and even Elizabeth Woodville was mostly sympathetic.  I loved Grace Plantagenet from the very beginning of the story.

I would definitely recommend this book.


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