Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Remember the old Alfred Hitchcock movie called Vertigo?  Well, I have been experiencing my own version the last couple of weeks!

Apparently, there are small stones in one of the oval tubes of the inner ear.  They are supposed to collect at the bottom of the tube, but sometimes, they get stuck in other positions.  There are little hairs in the tube that, when touched, tell the brain what position the body is in.  When they get stuck where they aren't supposed to be, the brain can't tell where the body is, so it does the next best thing and gives it a "spinning" feeling.  This wouldn't be so bad if the same nerve didn't also carry the nausea feeling back to the brain!

But, I am heavily medicated now, for your safety...


Lidian said...

Oh, dear! I hope you are feeling better very soon. I had a spell of vertigo this summer, just for a few hours but it was awful -

And thank you so much for visiting Virtual Dime Museum...

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