Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My new favorite site is LibraryThing

I love books.  There are books filling every shelf in every bookcase in my house with extras stacked on top of the properly placed vertical books.  There are more books stacked on the tops of the bookcases, and there are books on my nightstand and books on my sewing table.  There are books stacked in the hallway and on the floors of most of the bedrooms.  And, of course, there are even cookbooks in the cupboard in the kitchen!

So I was ecstatic when I discovered LibraryThing last fall.  I have been busy cataloging my books ever since.  I currently have 2009 books entered, and I am not done yet.  I have a bad habit of seeing a book I would like to have, but deciding to wait 'til later to buy it.  Unfortunately, I sometimes forget that I did, in fact, buy that book at some point, and I buy it again.  I'm hoping that LibraryThing will keep me from doing that so much.  My sisters have been the recipients of some of my duplicates, but I have found a way to deal with the ones they don't want:  BookMooch, a topic for a future post.


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